NASW Wins for Social Workers

2015 OREGON Legislative Session

With the 78th legislative session now closed, NASW-Oregon has assembled the following list of legislative successes. On each bill listed below, NASW either led the coalition in support or contributed to the coalitions’ winning efforts. Please see below for our legislative win recap.

  • 2015 OREGON Legislative Session – NASW Wins for Social WorkersHouse Bill 3059 – When NASW learned of possible worker abuses occurring in adult entertainment facilities we did something about it. NASW organized a group of adult entertainment workers and assisted them in drafting legislation to create greater workplace protections for an industry that needed it. NASW advocated on behalf of the bill in Salem and assisted the workers in passing the historic legislation which received national recognition in publications like the New York Times, Jezebel, and the Daily Beast.
  • Senate Bill 939 – The NASW was asked to send a representative to participate in Senator Chip Shield’s workgroup to pass a bill that would reinstate an incredible parenting program at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. This bill was paramount in reconnecting incarcerated mothers with their children, a practice which lowers recidivism rates and reduces emotional and behavioral issues with the children. With support of the NASW and many others, this program is being reinstated and families will once again benefit from a program that changes so many lives.
  • NASWwins2House Bill 2307 – NASW’s former Legislative Committee Chair David Sant played a key role in the passage of HB 2307, the bill that bans licensed mental health professionals from performing “conversion therapy” on minors. Mr. Sant gave passionate testimony in both the House and the Senate, helping to propel the bill to the Governor’s desk.
  • House Bill 2879 – NASW has long supported expanded access to contraceptives. Now, thanks in part to NASW’s support of HB 2879, Oregon will allow the pharmacists to prescribe birth control, removing a previous barrier for some to a critical family planning tool.
  • NASWwins3House Bill 3025 – NASW played a significant role in passing HB 3025, the bill that bans the criminal history box on job applications. NASW’s floor letter on the topic was pointed to during one of the most contentious floor debates of the session and it helped the proponent side get the final votes needed to pass this landmark legislation that will reduce recidivism and help those who are attempting to reform their lives.
  • Senate Bill 454 – NASW was a member of the coalition in support of SB 454, which requires all Oregon employers with more than ten employees to provide paid sick leave. Upcoming Work
  • School Social WorkersThe NASW-Oregon Chapter is currently working with State legislators to help fund a significant expansion of School Social Workers. Specifically, the chapter is aiming to create a pilot project that would focus getting School Social Workers in the state’s Title I schools. Representative Joe Gallegos, MSW (D-Hillsboro), is championing the effort. NASW-Oregon hopes this will be the first step toward achieving the goal of having School Social Workers in every school in Oregon. 
  • Pay Fairness for Clinical Social Workers NASW Oregon is working with other non-physician practitioners of psychotherapy to increase private insurance reimbursement rates.

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