NASW Membership

Founded in 1955, NASW is the largest professional social work organization in the United States. Like the more than 130,000 members who call NASW their professional home, you can access resources that will enhance your professional growth in every phase of your Social Work career. From training and CE credits to credentials to ethical and legal guidance, NASW provides the information you need.

Your NASW Membership Pays for Itself!

As a social worker, you face difficult challenges every day. You work hard to improve the lives of your clients and help them confront and resolve their personal dilemmas and cope with loss and change. You are a skilled professional who helps people help themselves by providing useful information and a wide range of resources available for those in need. This requires access to cutting-edge ideas, current information, and high-quality resources to be familiar with all of the available resources for your clients.

Your NASW membership entitles you to a wide variety of benefits and special offers that range from business services that save you time and money to publications and programs that can help advance your career.

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NASW BenefitsValue
Membership in your local NASW Chapter, with access to newsletters, events, and networking$112
10 issues of NASW News$35
4 issues of Social Work, the profession’s premier journal]$117
Free or discounted CE credits through NASW online Continuing Education


Local and national discounts on conferences and events$100*
Discounts on HIPAA compliance training$30
Monthly national e-newsletter, MemberLink, covering advocacy, professional development, awards, member discounts, career opportunities, social work news and much more$41
Discounted rates just for members on insurance from NASW Assurance Services
Total Savings$885+

*The value of some benefits will vary based on member usage. This example is based on average usage.

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Member Types

Regular (Full)

MSW, DSW and PhD Full Membership Dues Annually: $225
BSW Full Membership Dues Annually: $150
Open to anyone who has completed a BSW, MSW, DSW or PhD in social work from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited or CSWE-recognized social work degree program, or a PhD/DSW in social work or social welfare. Dues are based on the highest completed degree.


BSW and MSW Student Membership Dues Annually: $57
Doctoral Student (in a Social Work/Social Welfare Program) Membership Dues Annually: $170
Open to anyone currently enrolled in a CSWE-accredited social work degree program or a program eligible for candidacy. Eligibility for the BSW and/or MSW student membership category is limited to four years for each degree over the lifetime of membership (does not need to be continuous). NASW student members may apply for discounted professional liability insurance for student field placement.

Transitional Rate

BSW and MSW student members who maintain continuous membership after graduation qualify for a transitional period with discounted membership dues. BSW students are eligible for two years of transitional dues of $110 each year. MSW students are eligible for three years of transitional dues of $110 in years 1 and 2, and dues of $170 in year 3. Eligible NASW transitional members may apply for discounted professional liability insurance for the first two years of professional practice.


Associate Membership Dues Annually: $225
Open to anyone who has a professional interest in, or is supportive of, the issues addressed by, or the client populations served by, the social work profession. Associate members may not hold national or chapter elective office. After five years of continuous membership, associate members are granted the right to vote in national or chapter elections.


Retired Membership Dues Annually: $70
Open to any current active member who is at least 55 years of age, is fully retired from social work practice, and has been a full dues paying member of NASW.

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NASW Opens Membership to Other Professionals

Not a social worker or social work student? Not a problem. The once exclusive member benefits, offered only to degreed social workers, are now available to anyone with an interest in the profession, the people we serve or the issues we face. Case managers, guidance counselors, community health workers, mental health counselors, family counselors, group therapists, and educators are invited to join NASW. Professionals employed in any social service or related position are welcome.

Associate members have full access to the member-only section of the NASW Web site with countless resources, including practice briefs, standards for social work practice and the most current research from the Social Work Policy Institute.